Brennan healing was developed by Dr. Barbara Brennan. She is a well known educator, spiritual leader, and healer. She also created the “Barbara Brennan School of Healing” in 1982, a college that offers the study of personal transformation and energy healing.

A session of Brennan healing combines some aspects of spiritual and psychotherapy with hands-on healing techniques to help you gain a better understanding of yourself. The focus of the therapy is to achieve emotional, physical and spiritual healing in your life. During your first session, the healer begins by assessing your emotional and physical history and gain a sense of who you are and why you have come for treatment. The healer also does an assessment of your energy field and tells you which areas are imbalanced and how this imbalance may be physically expressing itself in your life.

The healer balances your energy field through a form of bodywork or massage of your joints and chakras (the body’s energy centers). This can be a very relaxing experience and many patients may actually fall asleep during this stage of the therapy. A person’s energy field is the manifestation of the energy of human life. The healer also offers psycho-spiritual counseling, which includes mind-body healing, trauma recovery, improving relationships, and loss resolution.

Through Brennan healing, the patient will learn their life purpose, strengthen and clear mental abilities, develop the motivation to achieve life goals, establish a deep spiritual connection, help physical healing, create a sense of well-being, and restore emotional stability. The results will depend on the patient’s ability to respond and their capacity for healing. Brennan healing is beneficial to those who want to increase their mind-body connection.