Session Information:


note:   This information is mainly for people coming for the first time.

Thank you for taking interest in this work. I am please to have the opportunity to work with you. Here is some basic information about the transformative work which you may expect during our session. Please take the time to read this carefully:

In my experience, energy work clears and charges the energy field, removes energetic blocks and enhances the body’s natural healing capability. Many of my clients experience increased well-being and improvement in their condition, however I can not guarantee this.

My approach to healing and personal transformation is holistic, focusing on you as a unique, complex, dynamic being of body, mind and spirit. I am here as your committed listener, your mirror, your partner in the process. In the course of our work together, we will explore areas that influence your state of well-being. We may address your health history, life stressors, belief systems and attitudes, your family and childhood history, diet, exercise, dreams, longings and your relationships. Your sharing is always kept confidential.

You may prefer to set up a regular schedule to work, but there is never any obligation to continue. The fee is $40 in Ecuador, $100 Europe & USA per one-hour session. If you can not afford full payment, talk with me and we can come to an arrangement. If you cancel an appointment, please try to notify me 6 hours before our meeting.

I am most happy to answer any question regarding my service.  

With love