Hands on Healing...

Brennan Healing Science

It is a holistic technique developed by Dr. Barbara Brennan, Author of the best selling books “Hands of Light” and “Light Emerging” In 1982 she founded a school, BBSH, In the US and in 2004 she founded another school in Europe.

The time it takes to become a certified BBSH practitioner is of four years. This is a high level training and professional studies. Psychotherapy, anatomy and physiology, various healing techniques and many hours of hands on practice. This therapy works hand by hand with traditional medicine, acupuncture, psychology, etc.

Santi is a natural healer dedicated and committed to the human collective awakening of consciousness and individual spiritual and psychological development.
“It is when we are able to invite our suffering to our open heart, that life challenges become life lessons”     


This therapy helps you to:

  1. -enjoy life fully

  2. -find your life purpose

  3. -center within yourself

- come out of anxiety and depression

- prepares you before and after surgery

- cope with stress, pain, anger

- process and understand terminal illnesses

- forgive

- understand and work with existential crisis

- heal emotional instabilities

  1. -heal personal relationships

  2. -relax and be in peace with life

“Some people seem to have a spiritual gift, it is a gift any one can give to themselves the day one recognizes their true inner nature”     

The technique complements itself in two parts:


When we talk about our problems we bring them to the light.

In conversation we understand and find solutions.

In many cases conversation is a vital part of the healing process.

Hands on Healing:

This part of the therapy is very similar to reiki. The person lays down and receives energy or Universal peace that is being channelled from the therapist. This energy recharges, balances and cleans our system of energy-emotional-mental blocks. Most of the times people feel centred, at peace and energised after a healing.